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Kwee and Paul, Dannemora


Project overview

The initial brief was to redesign the existing kitchen, but after considering their ideas of redesigning and restructuring the interior layout of their home, the kitchen was moved to a more central location.

Their requirements were for excellent storage, ample room for the whole family to have casual meals together and a kitchen that was accommodating for their young family to be involved in preparing meals. 

What Customers have to say

Nicola McCormack designed our kitchen as part of an extensive renovation of our home.  We have been back home now for a year and are absolutely delighted with our kitchen.  It is an integral part of our living area, functions well and looks beautiful without overtaking the room.

The design process with Nicola was easy, she is very friendly, enthusiastic, happy to let you have your input yet able to freely give her professional opinion.  I cook, so I wanted a clean, simple kitchen with tons of storage.  She really listens and was able to translate the gobbledy-gook of non-negotiables, things we thought we wanted, half formed ideas, and yet still introduce things we did not know about into a coherent concept.  She insulated us from the difficulties of fitting the jigsaw of cupboard size, appliance size and space requirements, yet was happy to follow through and allow me to specify exactly the depth of the drawers, the internal drawers, and the use of the cupboards.  Before we moved in we knew exactly where everything was going to be to maximise efficiency.  This was a time consuming process but Nicola was happy to give us the time to get it right. 

In hindsight the time spent on getting both the big picture and the detail were essential to the working success of the kitchen. Any guest vaguely interested in design can’t wait to open the drawers and cupboards and I’m really happy with that because I know that inside, everything is always in place.  The design makes our kitchen incredibly easy to use, keep clean and effortlessly tidy.

Our architect had made the kitchen a central part of our living, I spend a lot of time in it and yet am fully integrated with what my husband and children are doing.  The kitchen design is so efficient it is a pleasure to work in.

We had never designed a kitchen before but the result works so well for us that I would not hesitate to have Nicola McCormack design for us again.